Thursday, January 14, 2016

smile of youth

I met an elderly man yesterday who reminded me of my dad.
Of my dad as an elderly man.
The same slight build.
The same clear, friendly eyes.
A people person.
Frail and dear.
He told me he hitch-hiked across Europe as a young man, and that he liked the Scandinavian countries best.
Because of the beautiful girls, he admitted.
He loved to hike and swim in those days.
And he loved horses, had Welsh ponies for years.
But he remembered those beautiful Scandinavian girls.

He was a veteran like my dad.
Had raised a family.
His wife died just a few weeks ago.

He seemed to have an inner light.
A quiet courage.
His deep set blue eyes were red-rimmed with age.
But he had the smile of youth.

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