Thursday, May 19, 2022

little friend


country cousin

"Would you like a white mouse or a gray one?" I ask.
"A gray one!" she says, emphatically."I don't want a TAME one!"
Ahhhhhhh, a little wild mouse.
Makes me think of the story of the city mouse and his country cousin.
Sleeping under a leaf seems a given and for that matter so does a basket.


little mouse

 Goodnight little mouse.

one down

 I found a marvelous doily, circa poodle skirt era.

Oh those flowers!

Up-cycling to the resuce! 

A few snips and I had gathered a bowl full.

One down, 43 to go.

random red

Sunday, May 8, 2022



What does a very, very long bulletin board in the children's section of the library need?
A very, very long list of characters to fill it from one end to the other.
I started in the centre, cutting my characters from discarded book pages. 
A knight on horseback.  
A fearsome fire-breathing dragon. 
A bridge to nowhere.
Then I added to the left and right, left and right until the space was spanned.
A towering, flag festooned fortress.
A wizard and his wise owl. 
A leaping wolf and prancing unicorn. 
Puss’n boots. 
Mary Poppins and Alladin’s carpet on a collision course with a crescent moon. 
A prince and princess.
These all became a back story to the action up front.
Black silhouettes of a cottage, dimly lit. 
A maiden between a mushroom and a gnome. 
Peter Pan and Wendy aloft. 
The tortoise and the hare. 
A swan watching a mermaid dive and fish leap. 
A dancing frog and fairies three.
 A reader (of course). 
A trio of children. 
A maiden in a tower. 
A mysterious mouse, and birds of every kind flying high and low and left and right and up and down.
(The blue background paper had been around the block a few times and there were signs galore of tape doing what tape does best. The placement of more than a few characters helped to hide the past life of what was now, blue sky) 
Re-use, Re-think, Re-tape.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

great day for ducks


Whenever it rained,  my father would declare, "It's a great day for ducks." Good to know isn't it, that someone is happily paddling about as the rain sluices down.

Downspouts gurgle and purcolate. Wet windows waver like antique glass, and a thousand tiny squares in the window screen hold water droplets: abstract art, cross-stitched in silver threads. 

P.S. My mind seemed determined to paint a chick instead of a duckling and I had to scrub out a couple areas and things got a bit muddy and murky. Just like a duck pond?