Friday, August 18, 2017


Sometimes, when I am here or there, but not home, I see the beginning of a story. Then, I jot down a few words on a scrap of paper, hoping they will help me remember. These little pieces of story waft off into forgotten pockets and dark corners of my purse, eventually surfacing on some high tide, clean sweep, purse emptying moment.
Found one today. There were a couple lines.
One read: Man smelling backpack.
I remember that now. A man lifting his backpack up to his face and inhaling. Not as in, "This is the most amazing fabric softener I've ever used. My pack smells like a field of daisies." Something much more quizzical and tentative. His face registered dismay.
Another read: Eagle trying to pick up dead rabbit.
I remember that now too. It seemed such a juxtaposition of majesty to the morbid. 

Friday, August 4, 2017


I've changed the charm dangling at the bottom of this pendant a couple times.
I had a golden antler at first.
Seemed so medieval.
I have a hammered oval now and I think it allows the rocks to take center stage, just as they should. It's all about the rocks.

dragon's vein

I couldn't believe my eyes when I turned the tag over and saw the name of these stones.
Dragon's Vein!?
A single strand of stones was all it took to make a bracelet and dangle-y pendant.
I added a key ( seemed sort of mysterious ) and hung the works on a slender strand of gray leather. 
I've always loved rocks. 

tea for three

I made two little dollies, not much bigger than my hand. One had a bun on her head. A little ballerina bun. My ballerina granddaughter was the inspiration. Then I made another with a side ponytail. Two little golden haired dollies. I think they were sisters. There was a family resemblance for sure. I dressed them up for the important first meeting. They were quite nervous. My little granddaughters came. I hoped that someone would like the little side ponytail dolly. I hoped she would seem as cute as the little ballerina bun dolly. 
My granddaughters gasped with joy, just as I had hoped. But, their eyes were on one doll. Oh, oh. Their hands reached out in unison for the same little dolly. Oops. 
Bun Girl still lives with me. Another side ponytail friend may be arriving any day. 
In the mean time, here are a few of Bun Girl's favourite things. 

 A warm bubble bath....

A hot breakfast...

 New boots and vest...

 Sky blue coat...

Then tea for three...

Thursday, August 3, 2017

generously serve

The air outside is as hot as an oven.
Time to make a fake cake.
Something I can stitch in the cool, dim living room.
Something using felt and thread instead of a mixing bowl and wooden spoon.
Maybe a little vanilla cake.
The kind dolls dine upon.
One that rises up out of the pan, triple tall.
A drizzle of chocolate glaze.
Some pink roses and it's time for tea.

P.S. The roses are resin and will have velcro on their backs.
The cake is almost six inches across and will generously serve a dozen dolls, two little girls and one gramma.