Monday, January 11, 2016


I would love this picture even if the children weren't my big sisters and brother.

That sentence is likely the tenth one I've written under this photo and then deleted. Is it because I have too much to say about this photo I wonder? A feeling of not knowing which way to run with the ball.... mixed feelings?
I talked to my granddaughter this weekend about 'mixed feelings.' How we can feel very strongly about something, very happy, and yet very sad at the same time. She provided an example. What a wondrous thing a seven year old heart is and hers is pinned very firmly to her sleeve as most children's are. She FEELS things and really, really CARES. It is that vulnerability that makes children so precious. (The truth is that we are vulnerable all of our lives and every bit as precious at 60 as at 6.)

This photo radiates with my very favourite kind of light; a strong sidelight so perfect for watercolor paintings.. In 1951 most photos were black and white. I love that. It's all about balance and light then and this picture is so perfectly balanced and full of light. 

My big brother is looking tremendously pleased with life in general. Plaid shorts on a little lad with the last name of Douglas is utterly perfect.
Middle sister is clasping his chubby hand in hers rather protectively although she still had room for a toy. I have always found her posture in photos bewitching. She is the only one of we four sisters to have her hair cut in bangs and she really knew how to work 'em, gazing shyly up, her head lowered.
My oldest sister is such a blithe and bonnie child, her stance confident and carefree. As usual, the children are clothed in hand sewn splendor. The girl's little frocks are literally cut from the same cloth. And the shoes! I could write an entire post about them.

Three little children
sizes extra small, small and medium.
Standing stair-stepped
and sunsplashed.

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