Thursday, January 7, 2016

multiplied by three

A sign greets me as I enter my spare room. Employees Only. My grandson created it in Word and printed if off himself. He spent a happy afternoon transforming our entire house into Sushi-mia, a sort of hybrid restaurant, with himself as the chef/owner.
As time passed and his interests shifted, his sister has added a small sticky note to one of his signs in her grade one printing. CLOSD, it declares.
On another, she has added a happy face, Graffiti flourishes where business falters it seems.
The Employees Only sign now celebrates a new business venture, my granddaughter's Dance School. It's a world of change.
My grandson has been a hockey star, a paleontologist, a scientist, gold panner, explorer/adventurer, writer, spy, chef, video game creator, lego designer, and hockey player....again. The first time was hallway hockey and sidewalk hockey but now it's ice hockey.
My granddaughter has been a mommy, an adventurer, a vet, a doctor, a baker, a ballerina, a Day Care owner, a teacher and a mother....again. The first time was with a host of dolls that made the old women in the shoe look lonely, but now.....well, she still has a pretty big family.
My tiny granddaughter has been an explorer, a mommy, a pancake maker, and a singer of songs. And there will be much more to follow.
When I was a little girl, I imagined that I would grow up and 'own' an orphanage. I would be surrounded by children large and small. It seemed a perfect life. I was a pretender, an adventurer, a cowboy, cap gun toter( my best friend was the little boy next door), an explorer, frog expert, story teller, artist, mother, grandmother and pretender. The first time being a pretender was joyous and sure flew by in a hurry. Pretending with my grandchildren has been joy multiplied by three. I love the math of life.

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