Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the sound of stress

From down the hall and around the corner I can hear the sound of stress. My husband is watching the hockey playoffs and he is sighing.
During the first round of playoff games, his sighs built to a crescendo. In the last few minutes of the tie breaker, overtime tension became unbearable and he turned off the television to preserve his mental health and lower the risk of sudden death. His sudden death, not the Vancouver Canucks.
The second round of games is well underway. Tonight is game three.
The sports announcer's running commentary reminds me of an auctioneer. When does he breathe?
The crowd it seems, is wearing its heart on its sleeve. Their screaming and shrieking would melt a heart of stone.
Thousands of hockey fans are clenching their fists and grinding their teeth. They are leaning forward and twitching. Their faces are grim in the flickering light of their television. Hooray, it's Hockey Night in Canada. Someone has just scored a goal.
The sighing has started in the other room.

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