Sunday, May 22, 2011

pieces of my mind

I tend to jot vital, irreplaceable information on small scraps of paper that then waft off into space. Some are unearthed from pockets on laundry day and others suddenly appear months later for no apparent reason. In the past they were likely to be lists. Lists of things I needed to remember to do, or remember to buy. Sometimes they contained grocery lists that make me recall special meals shared. Sometimes they contained cryptic messages that make me squint and ponder.
I have noticed that writing a story blog has altered the content of these little pieces of my mind.
Now I love to pull a paper from my pocket and jot down a word or two to help me remember a story I want to write about, a phrase that sings. Finding them later is always a revelation and I have learned a very important thing, something so vital and yet so simple: I need to print bigger.
My daughter bought me a tiny book to record my thoughts in for safe keeping but I'm not sure where it's gotten to. When it turns up as I'm sure it will, I will be delightfully reunited with some lost thoughts. There is an element of suspense in a disorganized life, but there is also the joy of rediscovery.

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