Monday, May 16, 2011

like a rock

A couple decades ago, crafters were painting anything that didn't move. The country look fueled a preoccupation with clutter, cute clutter, and I had my share of cow light switch covers and duck towel holders. In an endless search for new surfaces to paint, and artist named Lin Wellford struck upon a brilliant idea.
Painted rocks.
She knew there was an unlimited supply of smooth round rocks awaiting the ministrations of a brush wielding woman.
I was pretty delighted to have another reason to add to my collection. I skulked along river beds and lugged prime specimens home to paint. Under the kind tutelage of The Art of Painting Animals on Rocks, curled up creatures emerged. They have endured while other country inspired decor reached its best before date and disappeared. I suppose that's because art is art and is timeless. Like a rock.

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