Saturday, May 14, 2011

hoping for the best

On a woodland ramble with my husband I spotted a little wild rabbit. Or I suppose I should say, it spotted me, and froze on the spot which is a picture takers dream come true. I aimed the camera in the general direction of the rabbit and hoping for the best, clicked.
I have a hard time getting used to the whole back of the camera being the view finder. That combined with questionable eyesight ensures that the quality of my pictures are never taken for granted. This one is practically miraculous.
My difficulty with cameras is a long standing one.
Pre- digital, I once shot an entire roll of film, some truly legendary shots, and then found my camera was empty.
I have rewound a partial roll, and accidentally thrown out a finished roll.
I once took my last shot of the bridesmaid so that my camera very noisily rewound as the bride was gliding breathlessly up the aisle.
It seems that I have nowhere to go but up and I have noticed that my digital attempts are less blurry than they once were.
I'll just keep aiming and clicking and hoping for the best.

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