Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Ouch," I gasped as a pin harpooned my finger.
"Don't bleed on your quilt," my mother cautioned.
So much for tender words of comfort.
Quilters have priorities it seems. If you must bleed, for goodness sake step away from your handwork.
I stood in front of the band-aid aisle at work today pondering the merits of round versus rectangular, water proof versus cloth. I used to tell my husband that it would save time if he just put on a band-aid before he went downstairs to carve. I may have to follow my own advice. Break out the band-aids.


Ken M said...

Hmmmm, Glenda,I am surprised. I thought "advise" was a verb. Is it usual for quilters to use it as a noun?

Glenda said...

Ohhh, thank you so much for advising me to check my spelling. Spell check can only do so much. I believe English grammar teachers everywhere are slowly shaking their heads in unison.

Ken M. said...

Glenda, you are right about spell check. Have you ever read "Ode to the Spell Checker?" A copy is readily available on the internet. -- Ken