Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Do you remember when it seemed as though everyone was painting on something wooden? On some country plaque or wooden angel or bear? There were shops all over that sold pre-cut pine pieces. They carried every possible shade of paint in little flip top bottles, stacks of pattern books and had classes galore.
An artist, Sherry Nelson, was producing books then.
She painted birds and butterflies, rabbits and roses, and all kinds of other garden beauty.
I loved her work and painted this large plaque to hang above a door way, back in those days of wood.
It was based on a pattern found in her book, Critters In My Garden.
Even though the country look came ( and cluttered up our lives) and went (crowded out by the next inevitable style), I love this painting and it hangs on high in my entry still.


Cathy said...

Peg said...

Oh, that is lovely - I wouldn't want to take it down either!

Glenda said...

Thanks. Moving ten years ago made me squint at my decor and a few things went by the wayside. There's a comfort in the familiar though.