Monday, July 28, 2014

mortal moments

There are health hazards to watercolor painting.
Rinsing your brush in your tea is hazardous.
Sipping your rinse water is even worse.
But those pale in comparison to the hazard of proceeding with a divided mind.
My thoughts were obviously distributed equally about the globe when I sketched this little fairy to paint.
When my vision cleared, I discovered that I had drawn her on the back of the card. I decided to go ahead and paint her anyway.
She looked patient and understanding.
Just like my Auntie and that is who the card is for. I will tell her that the card is an object lesson of my week.
Of course, I painted her another just to show her that I could.
It's important to rise above these mortal moments.


Leanne Paxton said...

Beautiful fairies.
Leanne xx

Glenda said...

Thank you. Sure wish I had some living in my garden.

Cathy said...

What a boon for your Aunt--she got two lovely paintings of the fairy because of your mistake! I'm pleased to tell you that I got out my watercolors yesterday and painted my rose arbor. I'm pleased to tell you I painted......not particularly pleased with the results, however. But at least I broke through the "fear" of putting something on paper. May I attempt to copy your fairy?

As for dipping your brush in your tea.....maybe you've discovered a new process! Did the tannin have any affect on the color? :-) As for drinking the rinse water......please tell me you were using a tea cup for the rinse water, then it would be understandable. If you sipped out of a jar or something, I'd say you're far too busy!

Glenda said...

I'm glad to hear you got out your watercolor paints. You are right that starting is something to be proud of. Taking up any new creative choice is something to be proud of. Good for you. I wish I still had my red metal watercolor paint box from elementary school. Remember those? With the disks of color that were refillable? You may certainly practice creating a fairy like mine. I drew mine with purple watercolor pencil which added purple to everything. I kind of liked that, but of course, sketching in pencil would allow you to choose your colors with out purple marching in and taking over.
Happy painting