Tuesday, July 15, 2014

i hope

Under the leaves in my garden,
under the cool tangle of green,
down in the shadow,
hidden from all eyes,
a little rabbit has made a summer hide away.
One tiny rabbit.
A baby bunny all alone.
Where in the world did it come from?
How did it end up in my yard right in town.
My back yard is against a very busy street.
Dogs live in the yards on either side of us.
We've never had rabbits before.
But we have a bunny now.
When I water the front yard, it shoots from one hiding spot to another as the cold spray sweeps ever closer.
I can see that it is growing.
It could have rested on the palm of my hand the first time I saw it.
Now it is stretching out, sleek and sassy.
And well fed.
I can see the missing blossoms on the pumpkin vines.
Perhaps our little bunny will turn into an adventurous rabbit and seek its fortune in fields afar come fall.
I hope and so do my pumpkin plants.


Cathy said...

I had a nest of baby bunnies in a flower bed earlier this summer. We had one last year, too, but it's what they brought to my yard, not what they took away, that causes me distress---Fleas! I'm sure that's where my dog got fleas last year and then gave them to my housecat...and my house. I finally got rid of the fleas and my dog is on a monthly treatment plan, but the fleas are still in the garden. I found one the other day on the coat of my dog, struggling to get away from my captive fingers.

Glenda said...

Oh man. We had The Year of the Great Flea Plague here too once. My parents dog got fleas that weren't dealt with promptly and they were 'fruitful and multiplied.' I still get a nervous tic when I think of it.