Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Is it possible to have one foot on dry land and the other in the rocking boat of sleep?
Some mornings sure feel that way. Instead of rising and shining, I stand uncertainly, my morning self surrounded by clouds, like marine air cold and thick.
I was dreaming just before I woke this morning and in my dream I was running to greet people. I can't recall much now, dreams being mist, but I remember seeing my brother, strong and young, glowing with a fierce joy and I ran into his eager outstretched arms.
Yet I found I couldn't speak.
We only clung to each other, wordless.
I sat for a while this morning in front of the window watching morning climb over the eastern mountains. I tried to hold onto my dream but it had sailed on without me.


Cathy said...

Glenda, I came to your Blog by way of Sarah's Down by the Sea because you called her Aquilegia a Columbine so figured you are from the U.S. Am I right? But maybe not. You mention "Devon Greenhouse" which could put you not too distant from Sarah. Your profile doesn't say--but it hooked me right away and I needed to take a look. I was appalled to see, though, that you have so few comments! Does that bother you? Your Blog is certainly comment worthy. I love your illustrations and your commentary on life. You will certainly be getting comments from now on, at least from me. :-)

Glenda said...

Oh Cathy! Thanks, you've made my day. I'm still grinning.I must figure out how to add 'replying to comments' to my blog. I'm sure that with that feature, the commenter would receive my reply message in their email as well as it appearing on my blog. Right now, I email directly which works well but leaves everybody else out of the conversation but it is the only way I can be sure they hear back from me. Does that make sense?

Oh goodness! I told Cathy that I am from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, far, far away from Sarah, although still near a sea like she is. And enjoying a pretty similar climate. I think I need to write a post about this because this comment is turning into a short story. Thank you so much. I love writing and I am so happy when people wander by and read what I write. And I am delighted when they comment and thrilled when they come back to read and reread. Thanks for the encouragement!