Wednesday, May 28, 2014

should be

My reading glasses should be considered essential equipment.
Not just a hairband.
Not just jewelry for the bridge of my nose.
In fact, they prevent me from performing delicate tasks by braille.
Prevent me from toiling by guess and by golly.
Good grief.
If I had been wearing my reading glasses I would have noticed that the baby shirt I was upcycling was not only worn looking, but had a hole.
I would have noticed this before I had snipped and sewn a tiny doll nightie.
Ahhh well.
Nighties often get a little worn around the edges.. They are most comfortable just before they fall to pieces from age.
A hole is not good though but that's what pockets and patches were invented for.

Rahel never takes her jewelry off. She's kind of funny that way.

A little nightie, or night dress. The fuzzy pink heart patch/pocket and lace hem mean that she can wear her fuzzy pink jacket/sweater/bedjacket.
Her feet look cold.
Maybe slippers.....
One thing leads to another.


Cathy said...

Well, I think the heart patch was meant to be from the very start! I wouldn't mind having that outfit for myself. ☺

Glenda said...

I'm liking the heart too. It's funny how plan B often turns out better than plan A.