Wednesday, May 28, 2014


They say that anticipation is half the pleasure.
Well, I have been anticipating spending the day playing with my granddaughter.
Playing with dolls.
Dolls and doll cloths and doll dishes.
Doll doctor visits.
Doll friends.
It has made me rush to my sewing cupboard.
It has turned me into an upcycling, doll cloths making maven.

I had saved a little bundle of random baby cloths from here and there with future doll clothes in mind.

My little granddaughter is on a first name basis with all of the dolls that live at my house, and Rahel is an 'especial' friend. Wouldn't doing a kindness for Rahel be one and the same with doing a kindness for my granddaughter? Isn't that how love works? 

A pink and white fleecy baby set seemed a good starting point.
I chopped out pants and a skirt. I snipped out the shapes to make a jacket and sleeves. I measured and planned a hat.

They sewed up as quick as a wink. A teeny tiny wintery wardrobe starter.

Oh my goodness!!!! It was SO much fun!!!! I'm thinking about boots now and a raincoat and dress..........


Cathy said...

This is so cute! How many grandchildren do you have? I've just become a grandmama last month for the first time to a little girl. After having 3 sons this is a particular delight. She's a little doll right now, but I look forward to playing with dolls with her and maybe even sewing something for her doll.

Glenda said...

Thanks. I have three grandchildren. You have lots of fun ahead.