Wednesday, May 14, 2014

just sew

I've had a restless feeling lately, a feeling that is easily put to rights by creating something and so I seized the moment and a charm pack, Pezzy Print by Moda.
It is an unusual pack, being entirely one print. Just different colors with multiples of each color.
Isn't that odd?
Most charm packs are a scrap lovers dream come true, each little square a tantalizingly unique sample.
This one came as part of a gift basket and that is partly why I love it.
It is also colors that I would not have been likely to shop for and that is another reason I love it.
And, it contains almost limitless project possibilities.
I should love that too, but sometimes choice grinds the wheels of motion to a complete halt.
As I pondered quilts large and small I suddenly realized that it didn't matter.
I could just sew.
I could just sew and cut and press and see what happened.
I'd seen a picture online of a block called The Disappearing Four Patch.
We are surrounded by clever souls aren't we?
Inspired as I was, I randomly sewed the entire pack into fourpatches.
Then, wielding my ruler and rotary cutter, I ruthlessly diced them up.
And reshuffled them like a deck of cards in Vegas.
I love the transformation.

I'm at a cross road again.
Table runner or small quilt,
sashed or unsashed,
medallion or border?
It worked before, so I am just going to sew.
Just sew and press and see what happens.
Of course then I'll be at another cross road.
How to quilt.
I'm going to just sew then too.
It's a fun way to travel.


Peg said...

Whatever it becomes, it will be lovely! Hmmm...Disappearing 4-patch??

CitricSugar said...

It really is about the journey, isn't it.

Dee said...

What a fun, simple block with lots of impact! Love the colors and fabric choice!