Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Isn't doodle a great word?
It sounds exactly like it is, drawing both carefree and unassuming.
I doodle.
As far back as I can remember gripping a pencil, I doodled.
My elementary scribblers were aptly named.
Actually, back then, I tended to doodle mostly on scraps of paper, or blank pages at the back of notebooks, leaving my schoolwork respectfully unsullied.
By high school though, my focus had either shifted, or I was happily able to multi-task and Duotangs and Hilroy notebooks filled slowly but surely with doodles; school girl graffiti. 
What I doodled changed right along with my adolescent self, reaching its peak of self-expression in college where I doodled my boyfriends name, mingling it with my own until we were married on paper.
I love coming upon old doodles. It is sort of like seeing an old sketch of my younger self.
Most of my doodles are destined for the trash bin though, lying for a time beside the phone where they were absentmindedly composed.
Last week, I was startled to see a robin emerge out of the scribble and decided to paint a spring card. I believe I will do a few more from various angles and then move on to a small quiltish portrait of that messenger of spring.

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Quilt Rat said...

Gotta LOVE the doodle! These are terrific, especially if the lead you to even more creative endeavours