Thursday, May 8, 2014


This picture was probably taken in the spring of 1959.
I think spring because the snow has a deflated look. It's lost its splendor.
Snow doesn't always melt. Sometimes it just shrinks away as the earth inhales the warmer air of springtime.
The fact that my sister and her doll have been sent to stand in the slush for a Kodak moment, suggests the optimism or perhaps cabin fever of the photographer.
Neither the doll nor my sister are really dressed for a long stay outside on a snow chilled day. The doll doesn't even have boots on. Well, actually, neither does my sister. Tights though. Snug tights, and a woolie looking jumper. The doll does have a hat on so that may be helping make up for the fact that her bare feet are in the snowbank. She is staring fixedly at the photographer whilst my sister is gazing at something else entirely, a family photographic trait.
Hand in hand.
A little girl and her adventurous doll stand just so and freeze that moment. (no pun intended)
That moment in springtime.
Before the heat of summer came and turned the world to autumn.

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