Tuesday, May 27, 2014

almost there

Here is my new table runner having its picture taken surrounded by a joyful group of Petal Ware.
Years ago, I found these plates in a box at a garage sale. I seemed to notice them everywhere for a brief time after and then twenty years have roared by with nary a sighting. I love the colors of Petal Ware. Just as Fiesta Ware say 'party,' Petal Ware says, 'spring.' I love that. I love the pastel colors and the fluted edge. I have enough plates to set my table-for-eight in assorted colors, and salad plates all in blue, and a few small bowls and even a few cups and saucers.
I think it would be lovely to paint a home in Petal Ware colors. Actually, my hall is that color of green and my china cabinet is almost that blue and my kitchen is that yellow.
I'm almost there.

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