Monday, February 3, 2014

sounds simple

Quilting is rife with life lessons.
I had sewn a lovely flock of flying geese blocks. The plan was to make a table runner.
Sounds simple.
How many ways could there be to combine a handful of blocks.
Quite a few actually.
The math would astonish you.
Eight flying geese can each fly north, south, east or west, either in unison or in an each goose for itself sort of way.
I dutifully lay the blocks out and that is when I had an epiphany.
There is no 'one right choice.'
Doesn't that make the ground move under your feet?
It is this very principle that gives quilting its never ending fascination.
Any quilt, and every quilt could be recombined, rearranged, sometimes infinite times and be fresh and new in a moment.
I suppose it is a sort of math.
The math of quilting.
But doesn't it make you think of the math of life?

  Here are some table runner hopefuls,

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Peg said...

Same pattern, a new runner each month of the year!