Wednesday, February 5, 2014

someone wild

My friend has been living alone until very recently.
Until someone wild shocked her by moving in.
Without asking.
Someone hairy.
Someone that loves the night and revels in the dark.
No, it's not a biker.
Think smaller.
No, no, smaller, smaller....
A mouse.
A solitary trespasser.
At least she hopes it's solitary.
An anti-social mouse.
One with no extended family.
No friends either.
Just a lone mouse.
A lone mouse who thrives on adventure and is just passing through.
Not a domestic sort of mouse that plans to set up home.
To settle in.
To grow old along with her.
And so, she is doing what she must do.
She is locking up the food.
That should give him a clue about her feelings.
But just in case, she is bringing out the big guns.
She is turning up the sort of music mice hate.
Super sonic music that vibrates on mouse eardrums.
Like mall music only worse.
Like ipod music on the bus.
That mouse will feel the urge to flee.
The irresistible urge to head for the hills.
Or else.

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