Tuesday, February 11, 2014

crossing the road

Everyone knows why the chicken crossed the road.
It's the same reason roads have always been crossed.
At least, that's what I thought until this morning.
Until I watched two crows and a squirrel cross the road in front of our house five times.
Each time the squirrel crossed the road the crows enthusiastically followed.
Very enthusiastically.
Tag, you're it.
There was a sprint and somersault- the squirrel, followed by a swoop and swerve-the crows.
They seemed pretty evenly matched.
Back and forth they went.
The crows were flying so low, wings outstretched, that they almost seemed to be skating, coasting across the black icy pavement.
All that foot traffic got to the squirrel I think.
It was trying.
Very trying.
Trying to cross the road.

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