Friday, February 21, 2014

all my life

I love poetry.
When I read it, I always think (rather passionately) so THIS is what is missing from my life!
It sometimes seems to me that my feelings are just out of my sight and all it takes is the right words to fling wide the door. 
I remember when my daughter told me what song I would be walking down the aisle to at her wedding. Mothers always float in to some special song.
Mine was to be In My Life by the Beatles.
"Oh," I said my eyes brightening, "I know that song."
And I began to sing, :"There are places I remember, all my life, though some have changed, some forever...." and then I surprised myself by bursting into tears.
Oh oh.

It was because of my brother.
I realized that in a moment.
The marriage of a child is such a huge moment in time, that I had turned on the path, to my companions on the journey, and found my brother gone......

I listened and listened and listened to that song, and when the August sun rose above the chestnut tree I was ready.
I could hear the first strains of that tune and glide across the grass as serenely as befit the mother of the bride.
It is a dear song to me now.
There ARE places I remember all my life. Places and people and love.

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Peg said...

So amazing the power of poetry and song.