Monday, May 7, 2012

thumbs up

We went for a walk late this afternoon and followed our feet. They lead us past the community gardens; raised beds basking in the warm sunlight. Gardeners had been at work. There were wooden stakes and stringed rows aplenty, carrot seedlings as thick as grass, radish and delicate lettuce. Although young, pepper plants and celery were recognizable, so distinct are their features.There were even gifts remaining from the previous year; chives and parsley and potato; hearty volunteers.
This year, our backyard is poised and at the ready. Raised beds are filled, awaiting the wielding of spade and rake. Radishes with names like French Breakfast and Easter Egg vie for space with Denver Half Longs, Lincoln Homesteader and Royal Burgundy Bush.
We are looking forward to gardening as the seasons turn, inspired by the collective green thumbs of our neighbors.

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