Wednesday, May 30, 2012

personal trainer

My grandson is trying to improve my physical condition. He felt that a run around the baseball diamond would be just the thing.
A ride-on mower had just hummed past as we set out.
As I gamely leapt along, over rows of dry grass clippings a movement caught my eye.
I usually scream first and then evaluate the situation, and sure enough, a giant worm was stretching and looping, its slime glistening in the bright sunlight.
My grandson pounced on it as fast as a cat.
He then set off at a trot towards the shade at the far side of the field.
He wanted to "help the worm."
Too much exercise in the sun isn't good for worms I was informed.
I know how they feel.
It gratefully disappeared into the cool earth.
I, on the other hand, continued toiling around the field under the watchful eye of my personal trainer.

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