Sunday, April 1, 2012

family resemblance

I have mixed feelings.
It's wonderful to see a project take shape but the anticipation, the planning and dreaming are really my favourite part. Almost more than the finished item.
Still, it does feel grand to take the final stitch, shake out the working wrinkles and show and tell to whoever is handy.
Ta da!
Here it is at last.
A quilt conceived several years ago has finally arrived and I don't consider it over due at all.
It had a long gestation period.
There is a family resemblance that you may notice instantly.
It has an older sibling, that arrived last fall.
My daughters now have quilts made in the fine tradition begun by my mother;
A 'quilt as you go' Log Cabin.
Her numerous efforts are kissing cousins of my daughters quilts.
The family resemblance is striking.
The queen size quilt on the left was made by my mother.
The centre quilt is a lap quilt made by myself under my mother's watchful tutelage.
The quilt on the right is my oldest daughters lap quilt, a sibling of the quilt above.


Anonymous said...

You put into words the reason that I quilt.

Glenda said...

We quilters have a common bond don't we.