Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Do you remember learning to print?
Gripping the pencil and willing it to follow the dotted outline of some alphabet letter, some impossibly round letter?
I have done creative things with my hands all of my life.
It has stood me in good stead many a time, but there is no getting around a learning curve.
The curve I am navigating is Free Motion Quilting. and is like moving paper under a stationary pencil.
It takes time for the path from the hand to the brain to become second nature.
I've heard that a persons style of Free Motion Quilting is as distinct as handwriting.
If that is true, I am still in the printing stage with lovely slanted script a distant dream.
Learning is so exhilarating though isn't it.
The terror, the thrill, the sweat and the sense of accomplishment.
Like a child gripping a wrinkled page of wobbly abc's, I proudly hold out my tentative beginnings.

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