Monday, February 15, 2016

spring is here

The headlights of the car cast a yellow light ahead onto the wet, black road. There was darkness all around us and our eyes were fixed on the glimmering stretch of lit highway.
"A frog!" my husband exclaims, and sure enough, I see a hop and a flash of frog leg. "Aghh!" I croak. "There's another one."
Isn't it kind of early for frogs?
February frogs.
Shouldn't they be squatting in the mud somewhere dreaming of hazy summer days and flies buzzing in the warm afternoon sun?
Who is the real messenger of spring?
Daffodils can get it wrong.
Even the groundhog has goofed up a few times.
Not frogs though.
Once they throw off their winter woolies and leap about in the dark and rain, it's official
Spring is here.

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Down by the sea said...

It's good to see these signs of spring! Sarah x