Wednesday, February 10, 2016

inner rooms

I'm feeling a little tentative today.
A sort of 'so far so good' kind of feeling.
It's because of yesterday.
Yesterday I was unhappy.
And something worse than unhappy.
I felt desperate.

Doesn't that make you curious?
Me too.
I wrote it an age ago.
Those feelings are water under the bridge.
Can't remember why I felt that way now.
I could take a guess of course but what's the point.

I was trolling through 'drafts' with the intent of tidying up my blogs inner rooms and have had some very entertaining reading.
Here's another-

I had spoken hesitantly.
"They just seem dark to me. You know.... things that seem to be all about war and evil."
"But they're Super Heroes," my grandson had exclaimed. "They fight evil."
It is good to know the difference.
Even very young children can grasp the difference.
Later he had asked with the sober wisdom of seven, "Is there more darkness or more light.?"

"Is there more darkness or more light?" my grandson asked. He is seven and is a philosopher and theologian as all children innately are.
"Do you think I could teach people about good and evil with my stories," he had wondered.

We were taking turns making up stories.
"There was once a righteous man and he had seven sons," he began, startlingly..
"But some of his sons were turning to the dark side."

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