Wednesday, October 21, 2015

like comfort

Isn't there such passion in the rising of the sun?
The kind that floods your soul with light and fire.
A rush, a flare of color so intense you can't name it.
Purple, plum, terracotta, molten gold, fire,
fire....and then all is silver and grey,
like comfort.


The sunrise this morning was so beautiful, it broke a spell I have been under. I found myself wanting to catch those flaming colors in the sky and keep them in my blog for another day. Morning skies are filled with magic.
By the time I rushed to the computer, the heavy bank of purple cloud, frosted with magenta had lightened and the horizon was afire with apricot light as the sun rose behind the fringe of evergreen.

bad suits

"Oh, bad suits!" my baby granddaughter exclaimed. I knew in a flash she was quoting me.
Oh Gadzooks.