Tuesday, July 21, 2015

well seasoned

We are seasonal creatures.
Don't you think that's true? Plants don't do the same things all year round. Neither do animals.....some even change color.
And I think we're no different.

The seasons march by in their pre-ordered order.
It can be hard to stay in step with the changing of the guard.
To enjoy the moment even while it is shifting underfoot.

When the cloak of summer heat lies breathless and heavy I long for soup and stew days of autumn, air crisp and smoky.
And in autumn, I find my thoughts straying ahead to frosty nights and silent snow.
Then windy wild spring.morns while all around is still and gray..

The circle of seasons stirred a longing almost restless.
Caused my eye to search the horizon.
Sort of seemed disloyal to the moment....

Now I think what I'm really longing for is simply change and the energy that seems to infuse transition.
It's mid-summer but I hear the distant notes of autumn.
Play on.

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