Monday, June 8, 2015


Once upon a time my daughter gave me two identical charm packs.
I promptly chopped them into a towering stack of triangles.
All the more design possibilities that way I figured.

The colors were dazzling.
So unexpected.
I had never sewn with watermelon pink, lemon, lime, dark chocolate and iced aqua all at the same time.
I had never even thought of combining those colors at the same time.
But someone clever had.
Hooray for charm packs.

If you love scrappy quilts like I do, charm packs are a wondrous thing.
And best of all, I think they give you a shove in directions you might not have ventured. They encourage/force you to work with colors and patterns you mightn't try on your own.
Sort of like switching shopping carts with a stranger at the till.
Or a quilter's version of Chopped.


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