Tuesday, May 19, 2015

infused with hope

”What should we throw out today?” I ask my husband happily.
We've been striking a blow for serenity.
We've been simplifying our foyer.
Now those two statements might not seem remotely linked but they truly are.
Our entry way (foyer) has been making a very bad first impression on visitors to our home for an entire decade.
It has been dark and dingy and dusty. 
Dust always settles where indecision or apathy reign. 
This time it was likely a bit of both. First, indecision which left unchallenged gave way to apathy.
All that changed this spring when I made a decision. The wall paper had to go.
In fact, I made the decision in the very split second that I reached out and twitched a strip of paper off the wall. And then another.
Every time I descended the stairs for the next week or two, (or three) I twitched off another piece and then another.

I am married to a man who can catch a ball, even one thrown a bit on the wide side by me, and run with it. 
And make a spectacular touch down.

I should have taken 'before' pictures.
I'll take 'after' pictures though.

My husband has accrued so many brownie points that he could bank them for years to come.
He is a very hard working and particular man and I treasure his hard work for what it truly is, a large and lavish bouquet.

Our entry feels so different now.
So open and infused with hope.

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