Thursday, May 28, 2015

for goats

I seem to have developed an affection for goats. Isn't that strange? Mind you my grandparents had goats, a whole herd of goats, snow white against the weathered hillside or wandering amongst the Queen Ann's Lace.
Goats are hard wired to climb and I remember a picture of them standing on the barn roof in the winter.
Looking for spring no doubt.


Quilt Rat said...

Love this....but.....what about the chickens?

Glenda said...

Chickens are wonderful. I was always a smidge nervous of them as a kid though, e
specially of how they seemed to fix their beady little eyes on me.

Leanne Paxton said...

When I was little we lived in a little cottage for a while, and next door there was a house complete with orchard and white nanny goat. One day I got too close, and she nibbled a huge part of my dress before I could get away! I'm still fond of them though. Did you draw those pictures? They are very good.
Leanne xxx

Glenda said...

What a funny story. I did the sketches on watercolor paper and plan to 'color' them in. Thanks Leanne :)