Thursday, April 9, 2015


I love white flowers. They seem to catch the light and glow like stars against the dark green distance.
These white tulips are my absolute favourite flower in my yard. I wait and watch for them every spring. They grow in a perfect bouquet. And they aren't just another pretty face. They're both a thermometer and a clock. The flowers close overnight into firm oval buds and stay closed if the day is cool and cloudy. But if the sky opens and the sun beams down, likewise, they open, grateful for the spring warmth. I imagine it has something to do with pollinators and sunshine but to me it is another example of the miraculous all around us every day.


Leanne Paxton said...

I am always enchanted at the way that some flowers open and close dependent on the weather. Olly and me watched the sunflowers track the sun lat year, which he loved. White flowers are good for moths apparently.

Glenda said...

Gardens are very entertaining. Children love growing things. I remember my mom sprouting seeds for the garden between wet paper towels until a little root appeared.