Saturday, April 11, 2015

guardians of the Grand

It's official. Spring is here. I know this because the Wee Quilts are on display at McDougall Cottage again.
A few weeks ago my entry for this year flew over the mountains and across the prairies, all the way to Ontario. It will hang in the cottage as spring gives way to summer, and then flutter back to me like a homing pigeon in early July. 
And then I'll know it's summer.
Every year, the entrants of The Wee Quilt Challenge create with a theme in mind.

This year the theme was The Garden And The Grand. (The Grand is a river in the Cambridge area of Ontario) It seemed such a local theme this year that I almost never entered. I didn't think I had anything to say about the Grand River.
But then I realized that gardens and rivers are known and loved everywhere, that I did have something to say, and so I named my piece, Guardians of the Grand and wrote this:

The theme for the Wee Quilt Challenge 2015 reminds me of the importance of preserving the tapestry of beauty around us, the importance of being guardians of river and garden, bird and blossom. In my quilted entry, frilled daffodil sway in the spring breeze and a clump of primrose glow like pennies on the river bank. Water and wave are the sky’s looking glass as a Canada goose and her goslings patrol the river, Guardians of the Grand.


Quilt Rat said...

Fabulous!!!! I see another brilliant purple ribbon in your near future

Glenda said...

Thanks! that would be so exciting. A wonderful habit to fall into.