Thursday, April 9, 2015

frame it

Isn't it amazing how a month ago can feel like last week and a year ago like yesterday?
I'm pretty sure it's not because I'm getting older either, because my grandson commented on it and he's only eight.
One thing I've noticed though is how picture taking, which you'd think would lock a memory into place, does exactly the opposite.
As I was trolling online through April photos for all the years we've had a digital camera a growing sense of disbelief enveloped me.
"2013," I would exclaim to myself.
"How can that picture be two years old already?
And, "Hey, Wasn't that just a couple months ago?"
"2011!! No way!"
A lot of my photos are people-less and passing time is irrelevant, but the others are all portals to the past. Rabbit holes to fall down.
It's good to have them.
They remind me that I've had a life.
Am having a life.
That summer did come.
And go.
That I've done things and gone places and been with those I love.
In a strange way, they show passing time in stark relief against this moment in time.
They both erase time and frame it.

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