Tuesday, April 7, 2015

everyone present

My grandchildren scampered about the lawn gathering up tubs of playdough with lids the color of jelly beans. They created 'moon mud foot prints' and clever cookies and pancakes, while I finished up the squash and apple in the kitchen and my husband whittled away at the ham. Isn't ham a boon to the cook? You just put it in the oven and get on with your life.

Easter decor is fun because I've always had a soft spot for egg shaped things. This year I added eggs (decoupaged with Japanese napkins) to a wooden bowl along with a few wooden eggs (one likely was used for darning socks long ago) and a little metal egg/candy container I got from my sister as a little girl.

I finally have enough vintage egg cups for everyone present. ( and a few spares)

My husband has eaten Paska at Easter ever since he was a hatchling. I'd never heard of it before I met him but it became a part of my own children's Easter essentials and now, my grandchildren's. It's a sweet bread dough (sometimes spiked with orange peel) topped with buttery frosting and sprinkles. (They have to be multi-colored and they have to be round)
Not a true devotee, I prefer mine with just icing and icing alone.

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