Monday, March 23, 2015

salt and pepper

Our neighbors have two new dogs. Do dogs come in pairs like mittens?
Those little dogs and I were complete strangers until this morning.
That's when dog number one noticed me for the first time.
He rushed across the grassy stretch between us, his brow furrowed in dislike.
He seemed to have plenty of mean things to say.
When I told him he was a handsome boy, there was an abrupt and magical transformation.
His screeched to a stop.
His tail wavered.
His frown vanished.
His eyes lit up.
Then his owner summoned him.
"Mork," she carolled.
"Mork," and then turning to the other little dog, "Mindy, come"
Mork and Mindy?
I once knew a cat and dog that were named Frodo and Gandalf.
And a pair of cats named after the Sedin twins.
Know any great pet name pairings?


Leanne Paxton said...

We used to have guinea pigs called Scratch and Sniff....
Leanne xx

Glenda said...

how funny!!