Sunday, March 1, 2015

gone viral

I've gone viral apparently.
At least that's the doctors view on things.

My doctors office is in Fort Langley.
Such an interesting drive from Aldergrove.
Straight towards the distant mountains.
The road begins to  wind and then there's a slight downwards tilt to the world, sort of a warning of things to come. Sure enough, a corner, another corner and there you are, perched at the top of a steep winding hill, the sort that would have made you clench your teeth in fright as a kid on a rusty two wheeler, the sort that is a tobogganers dream.
Down your car hurtles and you enter another land all marshy and bird filled. Rows of ruby branched blueberries march off into the distance. Heron sweep over head. The Fraser River beckons.

Fort Langley is a pretty charming little town.
I used to wish I lived there.
My doctors office is right beside a grave yard.
Isn't that funny?!
Kill or cure.

When I jumped out of my car this week I found myself gazing into the front seat of a car as is often the case in a crowded parking lot.
"Oh my word!" I gasped.
More like..."OH MY WORDDDDD!"
A large daytimer was thrown open upon the front seat.
I have never seen a busier schedule.
Things were scribbled in every possible space.
And every possible space in the car held something too.
I averted my gaze in sympathy.
Later when I returned to the parking lot, and edged between the cars to unlock my own I found myself, apparently unable to refrain from adding, "Wow," as a parting commentary.
Upon reflection, it wasn't the clutter that moved me.
Not at all.
That is just a temporary condition.
Well, maybe not temporary but easily remedied.
Well, maybe not easily but clutter is neither here nor there.
Well, its sometimes here and definitely there....
Oh my goodness, what am I trying to say....
I think it was the daytimer.
The clear attempt some poor soul was making to reign in their busy life.
To create order out of chaos.
That's it for sure.
There was a sense of danger and desperation about that front seat.
I hope it wasn't one of the doctors cars.

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