Thursday, February 26, 2015

not my kettle

Have you ever loaded your dishwasher
and straightened up
and glanced about the kitchen
and realized that it didn't look any better than when you started?

I've been sick AND busy.
Now that is a lethal combination.
My housework has suffered right along with me.
My appliances have been left to their own devices.
Well, most of them.
Not my kettle.
I've been trying to drink myself back to health.
Mostly hot water but some apple glog (don't you love that name?) and tea of various poorly brewed strengths.
It hasn't worked.
I'm off to the doctor reluctantly today.
Perhaps I am teetering on the edge of wellness and am about to 'turn the corner.'
"Turn the corner' as opposed to 'turn up my toes.'
I'll know soon.


Blue Moth said...

Get well.. Try oolong tea.

Glenda said...

Thanks,a get well wish is as soothing as a cup of oolong tea.