Monday, January 5, 2015

something good

I have no idea who snapped this long ago photo but I can tell we're related.
Poor thing. Blurry is my specialty too.
A combination of earnestness and speed are my undoing.
Do they make tripods on wheels?

This photo keeps drawing me back for another look....
I love it enough that I have considered painting it.
I love the angles, and the shadows, and the slendor, 1920's silhouettes.
I even love the person hunkered down in middle of the canoe in a vain effort to alter the center of gravity in their favor.
This photo is an endangered species though.
It is just the sort of picture that is overlooked when the family album is composed.
The sort of photo that would end up in the deleted file.

It was hastily snapped on a warm summer day nearly one hundred years ago.
I bet earnestness and speed were factors.
Still, I couldn't love this picture more if it were as clear as a mirror.
It tells me a story which is the hallmark of a successful photo.
It makes me FEEL something.
Something good.

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