Saturday, January 3, 2015

save the drama

Save the drama for Mama!
I laughed when I heard that line for the first time last year.
But what if Mama IS the drama?
I'm not referring to my Mama.
She has lived an exemplary life of steadfastness. Never weepy. Never moody. Never anything but sensible and calm.
Even when she was a teenager for goodness sake.
Who can measure up to that?
Well, not me, that's for sure.
My DNA has predisposed me to a certain amount of drama.
Personal drama mostly thank goodness but still more exhilarating than it needs to be.
Kind of reminds me of bike riding.
My bike is a smidge too big for me.
The frame and my own are at odds.
It's fine as long as I'm rolling along.
As long as I am balanced.
But if I need to stop in a hurry, if I need to get a foot on solid ground, perilous times ensue.
I have to hop to a stop.
I feel my life flash before my eyes.
That is never a good feeling.
That wild eyed, out of control feeling.
I felt that way as 2014 rolled up to the finish line this year.
Balance eluded me.
I felt afraid.
And wild eyed.
I did a bit of hopping and wobbling but I'm rolling along again and picking up speed.

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