Monday, September 22, 2014

creature of habit

I am becoming a creature of habit. Every spring, I hasten to the Post, and mail a Wee Quilt off to McDougall Cottage for their annual Wee Quilt Challenge. And then, of course, every fall, I wait expectantly for my quilt to return to me like a homing pigeon.
This is the second year in a row that my little quilt has returned clutching a winners ribbon.
A nice big, satiny ribbon, all pleated and printed and purple.

The Challenge for 2014 was titled, Bards and Ballads and I named my Wee Quilt,
Bedtime Bards and Balladeers.
It was raw edge appliqued, and free motion quilted.

I sent along these words with my entry.

Bedtime Bards and Balladeers is a tribute to Robert Louis Stevenson and his A Child's Garden of Verses. It is a celebration of the magic of rhythm and rhyme and the power of oral history and tradition that we gladly pass down to our children and grandchildren.

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, "Time which none can bind, while flowing fast away, leaves love behind." This portrait of my grandchildren was done in muted tones to suggest a faded photo. It reminds me that although time can't be bound, although the days of childhood are fleeting, the beauty and wonder and sweetness of love remain.

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Quilt Rat said...

Congrats on your lovely purple ribbon...well deserved, this was my FAVOURITE at the show.