Tuesday, August 26, 2014

dead or alive

I've wandered past my blog a few times and averted my gaze. Not writing for several days causes a mild case of mental arthritis to set in. A stiffness. A wary, cautious feeling.
It seems funny to me that my last post, days ago, was about the discovery of a rat..........a rat, and I was never heard from again.
Well, no, not really.
I'm still here.
But so is the rat.

As my grandchildren headed out the door, homeward bound, my grandson suddenly knelt down.
"There's a mouse," he exclaimed.
I stepped out into the sunshine and peered into the light.
My eyes focused.
Two beady eyes locked with mine.
"It's not a mouse," I said, ominously.
A small black rat paused just long enough to stare me down before dashing headlong into the log retaining wall several times.
Not a smart rat.
Young and frightened and....
Can a rat be cute?
This one was.
It ran in circles like a wind up toy.
For some, the wind up toy of nightmares, but I'm not afraid of that sort of thing.
Still, after consulting the government webpage on rodents, we formed a plan. It involved some skulking about the yard and perimeter of the house. it involved a garbage bag and a hose and a broom.
We will do what must be done.
It is as though we have posted signs all around the yard.
Rats Not Wanted, Dead or Alive.

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