Monday, June 2, 2014

x meets y

My grandchildren and I were bushwhacking.
Isn't that a wonderfully descriptive word?
Actually, we were just prowling through the woods, taking note of fungus and flower,
climbing over branches and ducking under branches and peering through branches.

We thought we were alone, but we weren't.
I should have known better.
You're never truly alone in the woods.
As we toiled north, a hornet sped south.
There was a collision.
My eyebrow and the hornets met with a thunk.
I meant to wave him on, no harm no foul, but universal language does not extend to gestures I guess.

Do you remember math class and turning word problems into equations?

A woman is traveling direction X and a hornet is traveling direction y. What will happen when x meets y?
I think the answer is Z.
Lesson learned.

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Cathy said...

I never liked word problems in math because I always felt I needed more information than they were giving me. I'd wonder about this or that, all the things that could affect the outcome of the problem's solution!