Monday, June 9, 2014

what in the world

This is a cropped detail of a larger picture.
Not much larger, but I wanted you to see the pencil lines around the figures.
I should erase them.
It's just that I thought of this picture as a practice sketch and haven't given it much respect.
It does capture a feeling of evening light though.
Warm summer evening light and love too.
But, what in the world is the woman wearing?


CitricSugar said...

And here I thought it was a man in a tilley hat and shorts carrying a beach umbrella and watching the sunset with a young boy.

It's beautiful.

Glenda said...

Oh yes, of course that must be who it is after all. Silly me.

Cathy said...

I didn't go so far as to "name" what I was looking at. Instead I was drawn in by the different shades of the monochromatic scene....but now that I look, I'd agree with CitricSugar, except that I don't know what a Tilley hat is.

Glenda said...

A Tilley hat is pretty cool. Tilley is a brand name. They are made of cotton and are weatherproofed usually and have a sort of Crocodile Dundee vibe.