Wednesday, June 11, 2014

top drawer

I read somewhere once that you can tell a lot about a woman by the state of her top dresser drawer.
They didn't really elaborate.
Just hinted darkly.
Well, if there are Dresser Police, I suppose I may as well step out of the shadows and confess.
There's plenty of evidence to convict me.

My top dresser drawer has always been my lingerie drawer.
Sort of.
The trouble is, lots of things fit that category.
And they aren't the sorts of things you fold either.
You just pull open the drawer and wedge them in.
Kind of like a junk drawer in a kitchen, but in the bedroom instead.
(I'm pleased to report that I don't have a kitchen junk drawer and feel quite virtuous about it.)
Sadly, the virtue is not universally applied in each room of my house.
And that is why I fail the top dresser drawer test.
If there is one.
Lingerie, random socks, the odd scarf, important paper, piece of jewelry, a rock??, loose change, mitten, and the list goes on.
I have improved.
My top dresser really does have only lingerie in it these days.
Because now I have a sock drawer.
It is similar to a lingerie drawer.
Sinisterly similar.
Mine has a pair of mini-gloves rolled in a ball just like a pair of socks that I pluck from the drawer optimistically but misguidedly on dimly lit mornings.
And a piece of jewelry, the odd scarf, an important paper........


Shari Morehouse said...

Hmm, I have some drawers like that as well. I'm always surprised at what I find in them!

Glenda said...

Makes me think of that old shower game where you have to name the contents of your purse. Some surprises there too.

kristieinbc said...

I'm sure you must have had a peek into my top dresser drawer. You have perfectly described what it's like! :-)

Glenda said...

It's so hard to be unique isn't it? :)

Cathy said...

I solved my kitchen junk drawer problem by buying one of those tiny drawer plastic boxes and labeling them. It's on the shelves to the basement. Alas, though, even it has a drawer labeled odds & ends!

Glenda said...

How funny.There are just things that defy organization.