Friday, June 13, 2014

on his sleeve

My Dad was friendly and funny.
I think he wore his heart on his sleeve.(and that sleeve would have been plaid)
Sometimes his passion for people and his passion for fishing would collide.
What’s mine is yours seemed his motto.
That generosity may have been good for the soul, but it wreaked havoc on his fishing tackle. He could have outfitted a bus load of boy scouts with what was lost or broken by others over the years but he considered it an investment, part of the math of friendship. 
Love times generosity equals happiness.


Cathy said...

Your father sounded like a very generous soul, indeed! To share what you love speaks volumes.

Glenda said...

Sharing seems like a litmus test doesn't it. He had his priorities right. The world is full of gentle loving souls even though the news is often so dark and desperate.